Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Upcoming Guests on The Money Doctor Show

If you haven't caught The Money Doctor Show yet on GCTV, channel 15, you may be surprised to learn that it is not a show directly about finance, but rather a chance to peek under the hood of local companies, and speak to individuals who have inspiring stories right here in our area.  These are ordinary people with an "extraordinary edge."  I enjoy interviewing them, and offering a forum where we can chat for 30 minutes and learn from their experience.  Perhaps it's something new about what is working for them, what not to do, or just a fun and interesting story.  It's one part talk show, one part financial show, and always fun and entertaining. Everything from baby emus to search engine optimization, and then some!  So, for some positive, entertaining, educational TV, check out The Money Doctor show today.

Channel 15
WMCB Radio 107.9 FM

Also, listen to "The Money Doctor" 
Mondays on WHAI 98.3FM
Wednesdays on Bear Country 95.3FM
Fridays on WHMP"

Upcoming Guests include:

Attorney Steve Weiss - Busting myths about bankruptcy. What most don't know will surprise you.

Steve Capshaw from VSS (Valley Steel Stamp) Commercial and Aerospace Engineering - "Stamping" out unemployment and underemployment with advanced manufacturing training positions. Why it's not your father's job anymore.


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